Session details

Do you have a studio? 

All my photography sessions are done on location. Newborn sessions are held in the comfort of your own home.  Family sessions are held at your home or local greenspace - we will work together to select a location where your family feels the most comfortable.

When should newborn pictures be done?

Sleepy newborn pictures are best done within the first 2 weeks of a newborn's life.  After 2 weeks, babies can absolutely still be photographed, but tend to be much more alert, leading to different style of session.

My house is not ready for the camera, I haven't decorated as much as I'd like.  Will my photos still look good?

Oh, yes!  Your home is the backdrop to your life.  I work with all my clients to pick rooms that will work well for their photos.  We can even do this before, because no one wants to spend their time cleaning rooms that won't get seen!  I typically use 2-3 rooms but we can do an entire session in one room.   Still not sure?  Feel free to contact me with your concerns and we can chat about how an in-home newborn session can work for you. 

What if my kids don't cooperate?

Kids are kids.  I have a toddler and a pre-schooler - I get it.  I'll take the lead from your child(ren) and keep them moving thought out the session.  For newborn sessions older children are welcome to take break as they need.  For family sessions, we will play, and have fun together - and when YOU join in on the fun, your family will shine.

When should I book?

I take limited sessions each month and suggest booking as soon as possible.  Most expectant mother book during their second trimester, but you are welcome to reach out at any time.


Did I miss something?  Are you ready to book?  Let's get you on my schedule!

Package details

Will I get the digital files?

Yes!  all collections include a complete gallery of  fully edited images.  Within 3 weeks of your session you will received a link to a gallery where you can download, print and share your images. 

Will I receive images in black and white?

I will edit your images with a combination of colour and black and white.  Many images look best in either colour or black and white.  Prefer one over the other?  Let me know and I'll shoot with that in mind.

Do you offer prints?

For pictures going up on the wall, I offer professional prints though my lab.  While you are welcome to print your images as you wish, most clients find that quality and colour of a professional print far exceeds what they are able to print on their own.  

When is payment due?

A $100 deposit is required to secure a date on my calendar, the remaining balance is due the day of the session.

Did I miss something?  Are you ready to book?  Let's get you on my schedule!